Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Edging Greens

Keeping a border or edge between the putting green surface and the surrounding turfgrass can be a difficult task sometimes.  I have used many different techniques throughout my career and have found the one that works best for me is to use the Atom walk behind edger.  The process of edging the greens serves many purposes with the most important and beneficial one being keeping the two different species (Champion ultradwarf on the putting surface and 419 bermudagrass on the surrounds) separate so that they do not contaminate the areas where they are not intended to be grown.  Another benefit is the edging provides a distinct and clear line for the mower operators to know where the cleanup lap should be cut.  

Green surface prior to edging

Mike Williams edging the green

Derek Beachler blowing off the debris

Green surface after edging
This process will take a couple of hours with two people but one person can easily do the job by themselves.  The green is left with a good clean separation from the surrounds helping to eliminate possible cross contamination and giving the mower operators a defined edge.

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