Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Environmental Outreach and Education

I'm happy to announce the completion of our new "environmental education center" which is located in the clubhouse.  Education and outreach about environmental activities taking place on the golf course as well as how others can incorporate environmental stewardship activities into their lives and their businesses is a cornerstone of being environmentally conscious.  I hope the board will encourage others to seek out ways of being more environmentally conscious.

On the board we have tried to promote our environmental stewardship activities and display our Governor's Environmental Stewardship Award we received from The State of Tennessee and list our certifications with Audubon International and The Groundwater Foundation.  We have "take home" printouts which will be changed out from month to month to provide people with information about how they can be environmentally aware.  This month we started with a couple of Fact Sheets from Audubon International about The Business Value of Environmental Stewardship and Golf and the Environment.  Our Blogger address and our Facebook address are listed on the board so interested parties can follow our activities and easily contact us if they would like.  The best feature of the board is the PixiModo digital photo frame which runs photos of wildlife, golf course photos, and people involved in environmental activities on the golf course on a continuous loop.  The movement of the photos helps to draw peoples attention and hopefully peak their interest about the information found on the board.  I am really pleased with how the board turned out and I hope it will serve its purpose and encourage and educate people to be more environmentally conscious and to realize that the golf course can be a wonderful habitat for wildlife.

I have had several inquires into the well being of the eagles since the tornadoes rolled through our area.  The eagles are alive and doing well.  We have been able to see two eaglets in the nest.  One is already jumping up on the edge of the nest and flapping his or her wings.  It shouldn't be long before he or she is hopping from tree to tree learning how to fly.

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  1. That is good news then. It is good to know that there are now a lot of ways people can be educated about our environment. Education is one key to awareness that can make a lot of people do things that can help our environment.