Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cornell Lab of Ornithology Nest Watch

I wanted to pass along some information about a great organization and website that anyone interested in keeping track of bird activity on their golf course, school campus, business, or in their backyard might want to take a look at.  The Cornell Lab of Ornithology  has put together a great program called Nest Watch.  Nest Watch is a program for entering and tracking the success of birding that can be monitored and compared to other areas of the world.  The website is loaded with information regarding birds and thier habits and habitats. The website has easy to follow instructions on setting up your nesting sites and once they are set up entering the information is even easier.  Using the information entered for your location you can easily track the number of eggs laid, number of chicks hatched, and the ultimate goal, the number of birds fledged. 

The website gives valuable information about how to properly monitor nesting sites, links to Nest Cams, and also allows you to track nesting sites of other species by clicking on the Interactive Nest Watch Maps

Diane Johnstone and Angie Medley monitoring a nestbox
I am very lucky to have a group of volunteers from the Friends of Harrison Bay State Park who have for years given of their time to monitor our 44 blue bird nesting boxes on our golf course.  Without the support of these great volunteers, our successful nesting project at The Bear Trace at Harrison Bay would not be possible.

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