Friday, August 12, 2011

How Low Can You Go?

The First Annual Bear Trace Limbo Competition will be held this, just kidding but we are having some fun. 

With aerification coming up next week we decided to have a little fun and experiment with cutting heights on the greens.  It started on Monday when one of the mowers came out of adjustment and started cutting lower than it was set to.  Looking at the different mowing heigths we began to wonder how low we could cut the greens and still be safe and not damage them.  Our normal bench setting had been at 0.150" which prismed out at 0.100".  I had Steve set one mower at 0.140" and we mowed a few passes on the putting green, then down to 0.125", then 0.110" then 0.100" bench setting.  The 0.100" was definately too low but we still didn't damage the green any.  It is amazing to see how tight Champion ultradwarf can get at the right height.  We settled on 0.130" and the brushes at 0.100" and the greens look great. 

If we get enough interest we might just have to have the limbo contest.

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