Saturday, March 17, 2012

Eagle Cam and Mallard Duck Webcast

As many of our faithful followers know, our environmental programs at The Bear Trace at Harrison Bay are extremely important to us and the success of our golf course.  Several months ago Bill and Mitch built seven new mallard duck nesting tubes and installed them in the irrigation lake on #11 green.  We were pleased that the fine folks at the United States Golf Association Green Section saw the blog post and requested we record a webcast about the project.  Another great way to promote the environment, so I jumped on board.  Below is a copy of the USGA webcast. 

And as if the great people at TurfNet have not done enough for me and The Bear Trace already they have put together a video about the Harrison Bay Eagle Cam Project and are continuing to add informative articles to keep the TurfNet readers up to date.

I do want to let everyone know that one of the eagle eggs has been discarded from the nest. Eloise moved the egg out of the nest on Friday morning.  We were all very sad and disappointed but spirits were lifted on Friday evening when the remaining egg began to crack open and our newest eagle at Harrison Bay began the hatching process which can take up to a day to complete.  We are very much looking forward to seeing the little one grow up and take flight.  As I am typing this it is raining outside and like a good mother Eloise is sitting contently on the nest keeping her little one dry and warm. 

And contrary to popular belief we do more than just take care of the "zoo".  We were able to complete the bunker renovation on the large greenside bunker on #12.  We have plans to renovate the small greenside bunker on #12 and the two rear greenside bunkers on #15 before the heavy play season begins, if it hasn't already.

The greens have come out of winter dormancy in great shape this year.  We have begun the process of lowering the heights and will begin our light topdressing program in the next few weeks.  Fairways, tees, and approaches have all been cut down and we will continue to spray the Poa in the roughs throughout the rest of March.  Hope everyone had a great winter break and are ready for some warm weather and great golf.

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