Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spraying bunker faces at Harrison Bay

I wanted to share with you a great way we have devised to apply fertilizers and chemicals to our bunker faces at The Bear Trace at Harrison Bay.  With our limited staff we have always had to find interesting and time saving way to efficiently and effectively apply growth regulators and chemicals to our bunker faces without having to apply them with a hand gun or spray hawk.

What we did was to add an metal pipe on to the end of the right side boom.  We added a series of four nozzles spaced 20 inches apart to mirror the standard right side boom. 

In order to control the operation of this set of nozzles we placed a Banjo connector on the left side supply line and connected the extension to this line.
The extension allows us to spray narrow areas on bunker faces with the standard right boom control and when we need to reach out a little more we can activate the left side valve and apply our chemical or fertilizer in a controlled and calibrated way.  We have had great success with this addition and it has saved us countless hours and product by allowing us to spray quickly, accurately, and without fear of damaging the turfgrass from over spray or skipping an area by human application.
Here is a video of the "Bunker Boom" as we like to call it in action.

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  1. This is GENIUS! You would think Toro would have found a solution to this problem already