Friday, June 22, 2012

New Course Accessories

Not all of the improvements we make to the golf course involve the actual playing surfaces all the time.  To improve the experience for our guests we have replaced/upgraded many of the on course accessories around the golf course and have have many compliments on them already.

Old Tee Marker

New Tee Marker

Old Trash Can

New Trash Can
Old Water Cooler House

New Water Cooler House
Old Sand Bottle Holder
New Sand Bottle Holder

All of these course accessories are made using recycled plastics which will last for a very long time with little or no maintenance and are very environmentally friendly, which is always a big plus for us.  The purchase of these accessories will eliminate the cost and time spent a few times each year repairing and painting the items just to have them fade out and look bad within a few months of repair.

The tee markers and trash cans are from Prestwick Golf Group and the Water Cooler Houses and Sand Bottle Holders are from Standard Golf.  The color of the products are solid throughout so if they get cut or damaged it will not be as visible and will look good for many, many years to come.  We hope everyone enjoys the new amenities around the golf course.

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