Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lake bank mowing

The Bear Trace at Harrison Bay is located on a beautiful peninsula which extends out into Harrison Bay.  It has eleven holes which touch water and these waters are regulated by the Tennessee Valley Authority which regulates how we can maintain the banks around the lake.  We use buffer strips around the golf course to filter fertilizer and chemical residues as well as restricting possible soil particles from running off into the surface water.

We have several holes which play across the water from the tee and occasionally the vegetation grows high enough as to impede the play of the hole.  This is a big problem for us because TVA restricts our ability to place any equipment near the waters edge or apply any chemicals or growth regulators in these areas.  It is times like this when having friends with the proper tools to do the job comes in handy.
The Tennessee Department of Transportation, TDOT, has been very helpful this week by bringing one of their reach arm right of way mowers out to the golf course to safely and properly maintain the lake banks without damaging the lake bank or endangering the environment.
The mower is capable of remaining a safe distance from the waters edge and mowing the vegetation down to an acceptable and safe height.  The work this machine can do in a day would take weeks and weeks for my employees to do by hand.
When all is said and done the high vegetation is removed allowing a clearer view of the hole, while protecting the stability and structure of the lake bank and observing the rules and regulations by which we are bound. Many thanks to our friends at TDOT and job well done. 

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  1. I think you do your work very effectively even after many restrictions. This kind of tool are very helpful when we are going to do any agricultural task or and weed removal work it make our work easy.