Monday, December 17, 2012

Time to Paint the Greens

 It's that time of year again to paint the greens for the winter months when our Champion ultradwarf bermudagrass greens go dormant and loose their green color. The paint serves several purposes including providing our golfers a target, absorbing heat to increase the surface temperature of the green compared to an unpainted green and help to give us a jump start to the spring by helping the greens come out of dormancy earlier.
 Above is our 18th hole before it is painted.  To the right Willie Hamby is applying the first or base coat of paint to the green.
 Finishing up the first coat.  We have used many different products over the nine years we have been painting our greens but have had our greatest success with our current mixture of Green Lawnger and AquaStripe Black.
 Applying the second coat of paint to 18 green.  We apply the product in two directions and do two clean up laps which gives us a defined appearance and keeps the paint from going outside of the greens surface.
 #18 green completed.
#18 green from the fairway following paint application.


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