Monday, February 18, 2013

New Irrigation Installed on #16 Green


 With the success of the half head irrigation installation on #5 green last year turning that green from possibly our worst green to one of our best we have been looking for the opportunity to do the same to several other greens.  With the much needed break in the rainy weather we have been experiencing this winter we took Thursday and Friday to install new full circle and part circle irrigation heads around #16 green.


We replaced all the old full circle heads with new ones and positioned new part circle heads which will only water the greens surface.  This will allow us to apply more needed water to the putting surface without "flooding" the surrounds and making them saturated and undesirable.

New pipe and fitting were installed by Mitch and Willie.

All the swing joints, tees, and dead ends which were created during the installation were thrust blocked to hopefully eliminate any movement of the pipe which will cause leaks or blowouts.

Willie and Jonathen performing possibly the worst part of the job, the cleanup.  You never can get the dirt to go back in the hole the way it came out.

Once all the dirt was picked up the surrounds were blown off and we were done.

Installation Complete.  Like we were never even there. 

Thanks to the crew for a job very well done.

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