Friday, March 8, 2013

Greens mowers and ice

We finally got out to use our new Jacobsen Eclipse 322 Electric greensmowers this morning and I have to say we are thoroughly impressed with their operation and the amazing quality of cut the 15 blade reels provide.  I am really excited about the quality of putting surface we will be able to provide our golfers thanks to these mowers.

Bill, Jonathan, and Eric have been working hard this winter to finish up the four year bunker renovation project of the greenside bunkers at Harrison Bay.  Our bunkers used to be our biggest complaint and one of our biggest budget expenses but that has all changed and we can provide now our golfers and guests with some very good bunkers to play out of.  The remaining three greenside bunkers will be completed in the next week or two. We are also going to work on improving the fairway bunkers which we have had some comments about by adding the sand we removed from the greenside bunkers to the fairway bunkers which will give them much needed sand and a firmer surface which is what you want in a fairway bunker sand.

We found an irrigation head stuck on on #4 green this morning and were surprised to see the layer of ice which had accumulated on the bunker face overnight.  Pretty funny to see the grass blades incased in an ice cocoon. 

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