Monday, May 27, 2013

Aerification and Wildlife

 Our first aerification of the year will begin on Tuesday morning.  We will be verticutting the greens, topdressing them, and then pulling a small 3/8" core.  We will do the back nine on Tuesday and the front nine on Wednesday.  With the topdressing and the rolling the greens should still putt just fine.  Hoping for some good weather so they will heal in quickly.

 Our bald eagles have had a tremendously successful year this year.  It has been great to watch the little eaglets grow up to be as big as their parents in just these short eight weeks.  The video stream has been viewed by close to 200,000 different viewers in 70 different countries.  Plans are already in the works to improve our project for next year.

The eaglets are almost ready for their maiden flight into the great blue yonder.  Here is a picture of one of the little ones "branching" out on a limb.  As with most siblings, one is more adventurous than the other but they are both doing fine.  A special thanks to USGA and the Friends Group of Harrison Bay, as well as our other sponsors for making the project possible again this year.
In addition to the eaglets we have some more new additions to the wildlife population at The Bear Trace at Harrison Bay.  These two little foxes were seen playing on a fallen tree between #1 and #8 green.  They were fun to watch as they played around and tried to figure out their new world.  Welcome to the family, little ones.

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