Friday, June 14, 2013

Bluebird Nest Monitoring

Back in 2007 we installed 44 bluebird nesting boxes around the golf course as part of our Audubon International certification program.  The nesting boxes were simple to build and we have been blessed with hundreds of fledglings over the years.  The Bear Trace has also been blessed by our relationship with The Friends of Harrison Bay State Park

 Besides being primary sponsors of the Harrison Bay Eagle Cam Project, members of the Friends of Harrison Bay have been volunteering their time for the past several years to monitor and maintain the bluebird houses around the golf course.  It is a small but dedicated group which I am very grateful for and I wanted to take a moment and recognize them and their hard work.  Here are a few members of the bluebird trail volunteers...(left to right) Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bice, Mrs. Diane Johnstone, and Mrs. Angie Medley.

 Another member of the bluebird group is Mr. Mark Mucciarone.  Here is a photo of Mark checking one of the blue bird boxes using a portable electricians camera which allows us to see inside of the nesting box without running the risk of scaring the adult birds or possibly dislodging the eggs or nestlings when opening the box.

 As you can see on the screen to the right, using the electricians camera they can clearly see what is inside of the nest quickly and without any risk of harming the eggs or babies. 

Here is a video we did a few years back with our friends from TurfNet

Inspecting Bluebird Houses Using an Electricians Camera

 One of the biggest improvements that they have made to the blue bird trail this year is the addition of the predator guards which are designed to reduce the possibility of raccoons and snakes from reaching into the nesting box and harming the nest. 

Here is a past blog post on the predator guard and how to make them

Predator Guards

Again, a special and heartfelt Thank You to this dedicated and fun loving group for all you do for us and the birds!!!

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