Friday, January 3, 2014

Harrison Bay State Park Raptor Center Coming Soon

Harrison Bay Raptor Program Center

If you follow our blog then you know of our love for wildlife and birds, especially our two favorite feathered friends and stars of the Harrison Bay Eagle Cam Project, Elliott and Eloise.  Well a new and exciting program is in the ground stages at the Harrison Bay State Park.

The Friends of Harrison Bay State Park have just announced the creation of the Harrison Bay Raptor Program.  The Raptor Program, which is headed up by Ranger Matthew Vawter, will begin with the construction of an enclosure to house native birds of prey which have been injured too severely to survive or be released into the wild.  The Raptor Center will be located at the front entrance of the park to greet our visitors and wave a fond "farewell" as they leave.  

This will be a fantastic program to allow the birds a second chance at life and allow us to view them up close. Fundraising is underway to secure the funding needed to begin construction of the aviary in the spring. For more information on the project and how you can be a supporter of the project please visit

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