Monday, October 29, 2012

TurfNet Bandon Dunes 2012 Trip Day Seven

Our last day on the TurfNet Bandon Dunes 2012 Trip took us to Eugene Country Club.  This is officially my favorite golf course that I have ever stepped foot on.  I hope the beauty of this golf course can be seen in the following photos, but I seriously doubt it.

Special thanks to our host, Mr. Chris Gaughan, CGCS for allowing us to play this magnificent golf course.

The trees at Eugene Country Club are amazing and majestic.  Many of them are over 100 years old and just tower silently over the golf course.  The different textures and hues of the trees and the landscape are one of the features that make this golf course so absolutely stunning.

Eugene Country Club is also the home golf course for the Oregon Ducks university golf team.  Some of their fans were out to view the golf course today.  Head golf coach for the Oregon Ducks, Casey Martin, of PGA fame, was at the course today as well.  His home course from his youth.
 This has been a trip of a lifetime for me and I am very appreciative to all the sponsors and especially the great folks at TurfNet, Peter McCormick and Jon Kiger for granting me the privilege of this experience.  I met a lot of great guys from all over the nation this week, had some great times with Robin, and saw some beautiful and amazing golf courses.
TurfNet Bandon Dunes 2012 trip is in the book and it is back to Harrison Bay.

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