Saturday, October 27, 2012

TurfNet Bandon Dunes Trip 2012 Day Five

Day 3 at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort had us on the Old MacDonald golf course.  A very wide open, free flowing old style golf course and of course it was in wonderful condition.

We were blessed today to play with another great couple of guys, Mr. Mike Cook of The Care of Trees, Inc. and Mr. Scott Schakraft of Huntsville Country Club.  These two good friends joked around and needled each other all day and like Robin and I just simply enjoyed the round.

Old MacDonald golf course is a very forgiving golf course with very forgiving and wide fairways.  It was great to just hit the ball and go find it, and hit it again.  Only one ball lost today.

Two of the main features of Old MacDonald are the deep and free flowing  bunkers and the enormous sized greens.  At Bandon Dunes Golf Resort they mow the greens off into the approach so it is difficult at times to determine where the greens surface stops and the fairway begins.

Several bunkers were laced with used railroad ties which gave a great diversity to the landscape and to the playability of the golf course.  You would be amazed how high in the air a golf ball goes when it hits a slanted railroad tie at just the right angle.
Bunkers are actually considered "hazards" at Bandon Dunes.
 I tried to show you the bunkers at Old MacDonald.  Here is an example of the enormous greens on the course.  It is the green at #8 and is over 22,000 square feet in size.  We were told it took around an hour and fifteen minutes to walk mow this one green and I can believe it.
Great day at Old MacDonald and off to Pacific Dunes in the morning.

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