Saturday, July 20, 2013

Chipping Green Update

I am well pleased with the progress of our grow in of the new chipping/nursery green.  It has been three weeks today since it was planted and appears to be right on schedule.

Once the cover was removed we mowed the green for the first time with our John Deere 220B walk behind mowers.  This first mow is always touchy because you are removing a lot of the extra sprigs which did not take hold and also finding all the high spots in the green.

After the first mow a heavy layer of topdressing sand was applied to the green.  This layer will help smooth out any low areas and will help heat up the soil surface while also protecting the crown of the turfgrass plant from further damage from the mower. 

A granular fertilizer application was made to the green and then watered in.  In the upcoming weeks we will continue to mow reducing our height of cut and applying topdressing sand which will help the plant spread and fill in all the voids. 

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