Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Little Things that Make the Course Better


It is nice when golfers notice the little things that we do on the golf course to try and make their experience better.  Last week we replaced the old ball washers which were installed when the course opened with new Standard Golf ball washers and I have had several golfers thank me for this improvement.  This upgrade has been needed for several years and I am glad that we can finally make this improvement.  The old ball washers could only wash one ball at a time and rarely functioned smoothly as they were designed.  The new ball washers are a crank style washer which can accommodate four balls at once. The plastic design of this new ball washer will also allow for a longer life and easier clean up. 
Another improvement to the course that we hope you will like are the new flag sticks which were installed today. 

The new flagsticks have the range finder prisms installed in the flagstick itself which makes them easier to locate with the range finder and will help to protect them from damage from being dropped on the green.  It might take some getting used to, looking in a different spot, but I think you will like these thicker better flagsticks better.

Speaking of dropping the flagsticks on the ground...Please be mindful of the putting surface when you remove the flag from the cup and place it on the ground.  A flagstick just being allowed to fall on the turfgrass plant is like a 300 foot tall Redwood falling on you or I, it can do a great amount of damage.  Please be careful and set the flagstick down in a more gentler manner.  It was easy to see today in the topdressing sand how many golfers had simply dropped the flagstick on the green.

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