Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Elliott and Eloise Welcome Two New Eaglets

I hope everyone has been keeping up with the activities of the Harrison Bay Eagle Cam Project over the past several months in anticipation of the hatch date.  Well, it is my pleasure to announce that Elliott and Eloise welcomed two new eaglets to the Bear Trace family this past weekend.

Here is a photo of HB5 who was introduced to the world early on Saturday morning.  HB6 followed 24 hours later and was introduced early on Sunday morning.

Thanks to the generous funding by the USGA and The Friends of Harrison Bay State Park, along with our many other donors, we were able to purchase a pan/tilt/zoom camera this year.  Using the PTZ camera we were able to zoom in and watch as HB6 attempted to make its way into the world.

To say that these two little creatures are cute or adorable would be a complete understatement.  It is hard to believe that they will one day be one of the fiercest raptors in the sky, but for now they are just cute, little, fuzzy bobbleheads that are getting attention from viewers all over the world.

We are completely honored and blessed that this pair of majestic birds has chosen our golf course to raise their family and we hope to continue, and improve, the project for many years to come.  We have about 8 weeks to watch them grow before they fledge, and time will fly by.

Please tell your friends, and even your enemies, to come join us in watching Elliott and Eloise teach HB5 and HB6 how to be great American Bald Eagles.

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