Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spring has sprung

After a long difficult winter the golf course is beginning to come to life as the temperatures begin to climb. This past winter has been the toughest since we have had our Champion greens but they look very good coming out of dormancy.  It has especially been good to see the golfers return to the course in large numbers.  This week we scalped down the greens to get the "winter coat" off of them and get them ready for summer.
#10 green after mowing

Willie and Jonathen installing new sod on the irrigation
trench lines
Our major winter project was to install part circle irrigation heads on several of the greens and Willie, Jonathen, and Eric did a great job with this project.  We were able to get ten holes completed this year, which with the weather issues that we had, I am very pleased with.  The final step to this project will be to sod over the trench lines that were created during the process.  We have gotten several of the holes done this week and will continue next week to finish it up.

Newly sodded trench lines which will blend in quickly

This upcoming week, the week of March 10th, should be a very exciting week for us at the course as we are hoping to welcome two new members to the Bear Trace family.  Eloise and Elliott have been tremendous parents this winter keeping their two eggs safe and warm in the bitter cold and snow.  Eloise sat on the two eggs throughout the winter snow storm keeping them from harm.  They are a great pair and we hope and pray the hatching process is successful.  March 11 will mark 35 days since the first egg was laid which is the normal gestation period for American Bald Eagle.  If you have not been watching we hope you will tune into this week to watch the excitement.

Spring has sprung and there will be many more exciting changes and improvements to the golf course this year.  We hope all of you will come out and join us and enjoy our great course and all our hard work.

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