Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tennessee Wild Side Video of Earth Day Event

Earth Day at Harrison Bay State Park Golf Course

It seems like a year ago since we had our Earth Day Event at Harrison Bay but Ken Tucker and his staff at Tennessee Wild Side have put together a video of the day's events that I wanted to share.

The event was a great success and we had the opportunity to renew many friendships while at the same time striking up new ones.  Being able to join with CNN, We Are Golf, GCSAAtv, TurfNet, Superintendent Magazine, Golfdom, and Golf Digest, just to name a few, to get the word out that golf courses are not environmental polluters but can provide much needed habitat for wildlife and filter air and water pollutants was amazing.

 I have to take this opportunity to again thank Jacobsen Turf for envisioning and sponsoring the event and most especially Mr. David Withers, Jacobsen president, for making special arrangements to fly in for just a couple hours to join in the festivities and also to present us with our Golf Environment Organization certification. 

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  1. A public golf course reaching for eco standards! Great job Bear Trace!!

    Eric Crawford