Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winter Projects--Drainage Installed on #9 Cartpath

Yet another winter project we undertook was to correct the drainage issue we have on #9 cartpath near the large oak.  We began by extending the existing subsurface drain line that we installed in the fairway years ago and ran it to the cart path. We placed drainage pipe in the trench and covered it with gravel leaving about 2 inches from the top of the asphalt.  This two inches was later covered with a layer of sand and compacted.

On several other of our holes in which we have added drainage near the cartpaths we have been able to use channel drains and cross ties to direct and collect the surface water and to protect the area from further damage.  The area on #9 does not allow for this type of process so we had to look for something different.  We chose to use a NDS Grass Paver system instead.  Here Mitch is using a portable cut off saw to cut the plastic grass paver grid into three 16" sections.

Once cut the pavers were laid over the sand base which had been spread and packed over the gravel drainage basin.  We then used a hand tamp to press the grass pavers into the sand.
Once the pavers were set we laid sod over the pavers and stepped them down into the grid openings.

After we got done sodding and cleaning up the area I drove my Carry All across the area and was surprised that the grass area did not sink or get pressed down at all.  Time will tell but I think this will be a very viable option to installing channel drains and cross ties on the course and will help keep a cleaner look to the cartpaths.  Sometimes you have to be willing to try different things and products and see how they work.

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