Friday, March 11, 2011

I vow never to complain again

I have been looking around the blog world at other golf course superintendents maintenance blogs when the other night I came upon Stephen Sarro of Vail Golf Club and Nordic Maintenance in Vail, Colorado.  Very interesting blog but they entries that caught my eye were their recent removal of snow from their greens.  Mr. Sarro tells that they have gotten 160 inches of snow and the attached YouTube video shows how they manage to remove the snow from their greens to prepare for the upcoming golfing season.

After watching this I have vowed to never complain again about watering greens, pulling covers or any of the other tasks that I have to perform.  My hat is off to the maintenance crew at Vail Golf Club and any other golf course that has this project to look forward to every year.


  1. Come here from Malaysia

  2. I saw the same video. I think the summer is Steve's down time!