Friday, March 4, 2011

What a way to start the year

The weather in Chattanooga, Tennessee so far this year has been fantastic.  The high for the month of February was 75.7 with the low being 18.9 for an average of 46.6.  The average temperature for February 2010 was 36.2.  The ten degree difference, especially the high temperatures in the last two weeks has resulted in our Champion ultradwarf greens breaking dormancy about a month earlier than they normally do. We have begun the process of removing the "winter coat" off of the greens and hope to have them back to regular maintenance heights soon.

In addition to the greens breaking dormancy, so have many of the flowering trees around the golf course.  The cherry trees in front of #18 green help to signify that spring has arrived.  The flowering trees are beautiful to look at but for all of us allergy sufferers it sure does make it hard to breathe.

I had the pleasure of spending about 15 minutes yesterday morning viewing one of our bald eagles (I think this is the male of the group).  He sat on his perch behind #10 green the entire time we were rolling and changing the hole location on the green and never once moved or seemed like we were disturbing him.  What a majestic and beautiful sight to see them flying around the golf course.


  1. Beautiful shot Paul, I just saw a male today but he was on the move and I never got that close. Although, in flight he was simply magnificent.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Paul. I have noticed the temps have been pretty good down there. I enjoy your updates !