Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Greens Mower Brushes

Sharing of information and ideas is one of the great things about golf course maintenance blogs.  I have discovered many new techniques and products from viewing other golf course maintenance blogs and with that in mind I want to tell you about some new brushes we are using on our John Deere walk behind greens mowers.

Mr. Rod Lingle, CGCS of Memphis Country Club has developed a new bristled brush  which is installed in place of the metal groomer on the mower.  The reverse rotation of the groomer on John Deere mowers throws sand and debris to the front of the mower instead of into the reel.  The striping effect of the brush on the greens is very impressive and we are well pleased with the results. 

 The brushes are available with different stiffness and spacing of the bristles.  We are using the ultradwarf brush which has 12 rows of bristles providing superior contact with the green surface.  The different styles of brushes makes them a great tool on bentgrass or bermuda grass greens.  We have only used the brushes for a month but I can definitely see an improvement in our greens and look forward to the summer months ahead.  I encourage you to visit Rod's website for Greens Perfection brushes at  Greens Perfection Brushes

#8 Green
The Bear Trace at Harrison Bay
March 3, 2011
#10 Green
The Bear Trace at Harrison Bay
March 3, 2011

This photo is courtesy of BJ Parker at Brentwood Country Club in Brentwood, Tennessee.  BJ is mowing with Greens Perfection brushes installed on his John Deere 2500 riding greens mower.


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