Monday, October 29, 2012

TurfNet Bandon Dunes 2012 Trip Day Seven

Our last day on the TurfNet Bandon Dunes 2012 Trip took us to Eugene Country Club.  This is officially my favorite golf course that I have ever stepped foot on.  I hope the beauty of this golf course can be seen in the following photos, but I seriously doubt it.

Special thanks to our host, Mr. Chris Gaughan, CGCS for allowing us to play this magnificent golf course.

The trees at Eugene Country Club are amazing and majestic.  Many of them are over 100 years old and just tower silently over the golf course.  The different textures and hues of the trees and the landscape are one of the features that make this golf course so absolutely stunning.

Eugene Country Club is also the home golf course for the Oregon Ducks university golf team.  Some of their fans were out to view the golf course today.  Head golf coach for the Oregon Ducks, Casey Martin, of PGA fame, was at the course today as well.  His home course from his youth.
 This has been a trip of a lifetime for me and I am very appreciative to all the sponsors and especially the great folks at TurfNet, Peter McCormick and Jon Kiger for granting me the privilege of this experience.  I met a lot of great guys from all over the nation this week, had some great times with Robin, and saw some beautiful and amazing golf courses.
TurfNet Bandon Dunes 2012 trip is in the book and it is back to Harrison Bay.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

TurfNet Bandon Dunes Trip 2012 Day Six

Our final day at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort has us on what we are told is the most popular golf course of the four, Pacific Dunes.  A more challenging golf course with more demanding terrain and deeper bunkers. 
Today's round was played in the rain and wind for the most part of the morning but we can't complain because of all the great weather and times we have had so far.

Several holes along the ocean were really fun to play today because at times the rain was coming at us sideways.
Back in Eugene now to play Eugene Country Club in the morning as the final leg of the 2012 TurfNet golf trip. 


Saturday, October 27, 2012

TurfNet Bandon Dunes Trip 2012 Day Five

Day 3 at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort had us on the Old MacDonald golf course.  A very wide open, free flowing old style golf course and of course it was in wonderful condition.

We were blessed today to play with another great couple of guys, Mr. Mike Cook of The Care of Trees, Inc. and Mr. Scott Schakraft of Huntsville Country Club.  These two good friends joked around and needled each other all day and like Robin and I just simply enjoyed the round.

Old MacDonald golf course is a very forgiving golf course with very forgiving and wide fairways.  It was great to just hit the ball and go find it, and hit it again.  Only one ball lost today.

Two of the main features of Old MacDonald are the deep and free flowing  bunkers and the enormous sized greens.  At Bandon Dunes Golf Resort they mow the greens off into the approach so it is difficult at times to determine where the greens surface stops and the fairway begins.

Several bunkers were laced with used railroad ties which gave a great diversity to the landscape and to the playability of the golf course.  You would be amazed how high in the air a golf ball goes when it hits a slanted railroad tie at just the right angle.
Bunkers are actually considered "hazards" at Bandon Dunes.
 I tried to show you the bunkers at Old MacDonald.  Here is an example of the enormous greens on the course.  It is the green at #8 and is over 22,000 square feet in size.  We were told it took around an hour and fifteen minutes to walk mow this one green and I can believe it.
Great day at Old MacDonald and off to Pacific Dunes in the morning.

Friday, October 26, 2012

TurfNet Bandon Dunes Trip 2012 Day Four

Second day at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort was a wonderful day playing the original golf course, Bandon Dunes.  The golf course plays out to the ocean and back in a traditional links style design right out of Ireland.
Our playing partners today were Mr. Walter Montross and his son Geoff from Virginia.  Mr. Montross just retired from over 40 years in the golf course industry and his son is an Assistant Golf Professional and can really play golf.
Robin hitting a shot in on #4 green.  We saw several deer roaming the golf course and were not at all worried about us. 
Stacked sod bunker on #6. 
Links style bunkers were great to play out of and they were strategically placed in all the right places.
Here I am teeing it up on #13, out toward the ocean.

Another stacked sod bunker on the beautiful #16 green right out on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

After some lunch and a little rest we went to Bandon Preserve to play in the afternoon.  A great Par 3 golf course created by the owner of Bandon Dunes to not only provide the guests with another great way to experience Bandon but all the proceeds from the greens fees goes into his environmental charity which is providing funds to organizations in Oregon to do sustainable projects and promote environmental activities.
Off to Old MacDonald in the morning.


TurfNet Bandon Dunes 2012 Day Three

After a "quick and safe" drive down from Portland we arrived at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort around 11:00 this morning.  After checking in we went to Bandon Trails for the first of four rounds.  Great customer service and we were off.

Robin and I were fortunate to play with Mr. Shaun Potter of Syngenta (our sponsor for the TurfNet trip) and Mr. Ken Nice, the Director of Agronomy for the entire Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.  We had a great time playing and being able to have Ken along telling us inside information about the construction and future improvements to the golf course was an added bonus.

#5 Par 3 on Bandon Trails.  Lovely hole.  The one hole that I lost a ball on today.

#7 Par 5 .  Wonderful hole with great bunkering but wide and playful fairways.

#8 Par 3 down hill but with the way you can putt from the fairways it was a relatively easy hole. 

#10 fairway.  great hole.  can't see it from this shot but they had the most unique mounds in the tee boxes which Ken said was designed that way because the tee box should be an "unnatural" surface on the golf course.  Just somewhere where every one stopped to play the next hole.

Robin's shot on the 13th hole. Let's just say we saw all the areas  of the golf course.  Some better than others.
Robin cranking a drive on #14 tee box.

#16 fairway bunker which proved to be a struggle for many of us.  But lots of fun.
Par 3 #17.  Great hole.  Two birdies.  Great shot by Mr. Potter and a 50 yard putt by me.

Great day of golf with Robin.  Wonderful golf course and a fantastic round.  Off to the original Bandon Dunes golf course in the morning. 
Thanks to TurfNet and Syngenta for allowing us to enjoy the wonder of Bandon Dunes.