Sunday, October 22, 2017

Late Season Improvements

We are starting to put a wrap on what has been a very successful season at the course.  Hard work by the agronomy staff and some great weather has allowed us to experience one of our best years of conditions ever.  The issues that we had with the greens last year are a distant memory, but not forgotten, and the greens are in fabulous shape.  The course has recovered from all the work done during summer aerification and the surrounds which were shaved down have smoothed up nicely.  All in all it has been a great summer.

As the temps start to drop some of our work will switch from mowing grass to the inevitable leaf war that we fight every year but we also have a few late season projects that we have been working on around the course.  The first one we have completed is replacing the netting at the back of the driving range.  The old netting was torn in several places and was basically useless for stopping range balls from going in the woods and was dangerous to the wildlife, mostly deer, as they walked through in the dark.

We decided to use a woven windscreen this time as we believe it will last longer and would not be a danger to the wildlife as they can hopefully see this screen easier.  Willie and Shane spent several days replacing and adding posts that needed to be replaced and secured new wires along the posts to secure the windscreen to.

The other project that we will be working on over the next couple of weeks is the replacement of the old short split rail fencing which is rotting and falling down and the unsightly rope barriers located around the course.  It would be ideal not to have to have traffic barriers around the course as the distract from the appearance of the course and add extra work for the agronomy staff but unfortunately they are necessary as not everyone follows the cart rules and drives where they are supposed to.
We rented an auger to drill new holes for the posts for new fences which I am sure you have seen around the course.  We have chosen to use 6" x 4" pressure treated ground contact posts this time so they will not rot and will not likely get broken or knocked over as the untreated pine split rail posts tended to.  Buried 2 feet in the ground this will leave us with 2 feet exposed to create the fencing look that we are going after.

Pressure treated 2" x 6" railings will be used this time for the same reasons as the posts, less likely to rot and will last for a real long time.  36" openings will be left in the railings at the walking paths for our guests who walk and/or use push carts but are not wide enough for golf carts to travel through, so please don't try.

Projects like these two are simple ways to keep the golf course protected and looking good.  It isn't always a complete greens rebuild or a 5,000' drainage project that can make a big impact on the appearance and playability of a course.  Sometimes it is the little details that make the difference.  We will hopefully be done with the fencing project in a few weeks depending on weather and play and we hope you like the new additions and the look.  Other projects in line for this winter will be renovating the timbers around the steps leading up to the clubhouse, installation of crossties along cart paths on a few holes, and if we get the time before it gets too late we would like to renovate and sod the area between the fairway and the cart path near #2 green.  All projects designed to improve the course that we all love so much.