Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tee and Fairway Aerification

It took us several weeks with all the tournaments and outings that we had during the month of May (21 to be exact) but we finally finished up the solid tine aerification of all the tees and the back nine approaches.  We will continue with the front nine as time allows.  This practice has really helped out the growth of the turfgrass on the tees but more than that we have had several golfers comment on how much it has helped them be able to place their tees into the ground without needing a hammer to do so.  We will continue to do this non disruptive cultural practice as time and manpower allows to continue to improve the playability of the course.

To help out the fairways we have gotten access to an AerWay Sportstine Aerifier that will allow us to slice the fairways quickly and to a depth of up to 6" with little to no disruption of the playing surface.  You may have seen us on #15 fairway last week trying the machine out and it did a great job.  Just a quick mow with the fairway units following the practice and the slits were rolled down but the result will last for several months.  This is a very quick operation and we should be able to do six to nine holes per day and have them mowed back out before play even gets to the hole.  Strong roots=Strong plants. And that is what we are going for.

Here is a great slow motion video of the AerWay Sportstine aerifier in action.