Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fertilizing the Golf Course

Many of you were wondering why the course was closed yesterday morning.  We took this time to apply our season long fertilizer and our spring pre emerge herbicide to the golf course.  The fertilizer application is contracted out to Harrell's Fertilizer Company of Sylacauga, Alabama and they use their large spreader truck to apply the product to the golf course.  The large truck can apply the product quicker than my staff can do and at $7.00 per acre it is much more economical to have Harrell's spread the course than our staff.

Spreading the fairways

Spreading the roughs

The application truck is equipped with sensors which control the rate of the product applied based on the speed at which the vehicle is moving.  This technology allows the applicator to precisely control how far the product is thrown from the spreader truck allowing him to spread right up to the edge of most greens.  My crew will come in and hand spread any remaining areas that he was not able to apply to.

The large flotation tires on the spreader truck allow the vehicle to travel around the golf course without damaging any areas on the course or creating any compaction areas.  We were lucky to have the dry weather we have been experiencing this spring so the golf course was nice and firm for the application and there was not sign the truck was on the course when he was finished.

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