Monday, September 12, 2011

Dakota Turf Tender Demo Day

Nate Brewinsky of Dakota Equipment brought by thier Dakota Turf Tender 440 material handler this morning for a demonstration. Amazing piece of equipment that I am very interested in. I have used the Dakota Turf Tender 410 to topdress my greens for years and love it so I wanted to see the 440 in action. We will be able to use the 440 to effeciently and productively topdress tees and fairways, haul sand out to the 410 when topdressing greens to speed up the process, and, what I am most interested in the machine for, will be able to haul sand to our rebuilt bunkers. Having the 440 will save us a ton of time and manpower, not to mention our backs when we need to add sand to the bunkers. I was most surprised by the amount of sand that the 440 held and how quickly it dispensed the sand into the bunker using the 13 foot long conveyer. I loved the sheild at the end of the conveyer which made it very easy to disperse the sand over the floor of the bunker without piling it up and having to shovel all the sand out. Great piece of equipment that will do wonders to continue to improve the golf course.

Nate also demonstrated the fairway topdressing feature of the 440 Turf Tender on our 18th fairway.  The hopper on the 440 holds approxiamately 5 times the volume of our 410 so he was able to topdress the entire fairway, about 2.5 acres, with one hopper full of sand.  Very smooth spread and absolutely not tracking or wheel ruts due to the floatation tires and the flexible axle.

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