Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What can you see on a morning ride

Fall weather is definitely moving into Harrison Bay.  Crisp mornings are now a thing of the norm and the wildlife are more active than they have been in the past few months.  It is real treat to see all the activity on the course early in the morning so I thought I would share what I see on a normal morning ride around the golf course.   Our bald eagles are back and making additions to the nest.  Hopefully we will have some more eaglets arriving this spring as well.

The deer population is growing every year and they are so great to see running around the golf course.  One guest ask an employee the other day if they were trained pets since they did not seem to be nervous when the golfers came near.

Love seems to be in the air all around the golf course as these two bucks were not at all concerned about me but rather fixated on a herd of does.  I guess our population will continue to grow.

I topped the hill on #16 to be greeted by a flock of 27 wild turkey. Our feeding program has really paid off as the turkey have been hanging around the golf course all year.  Give it a few more weeks and the toms will start strutting their stuff trying to impress the ladies.

Although we were extremely busy this summer the golf course has held up very well and we are ready for our normal heavy traffic during the fall golfing season.  Keeping the golf course clear of leaves is an ongoing battle that we will fight for the next couple of months.  I apologize in advance if the noise from the blowers disturb any of your rounds.  Only a few projects planned for this winter including the bunkers on the back nine, some irrigation renovations, and lowering of runoff areas around the greens which restrict the surface water from exiting the greens. 

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