Saturday, February 16, 2013

Protecting the new sod

 We recently repaired some of the areas on the greens which were damaged last season with some new sod from Champion Turf Farms.   The temperatures forecasted for our area for the weekend did not warrant the covering of the entire greens but we wanted to add a layer of protection for the new sod since the root system in not established.

Since the areas are small and irregular shape we chose to use a black permeable landscape fabric that we purchased from our local hardware store.  The fabric was installed on Friday afternoon to allow time for heat to be trapped under the cover before the cold overnight temperatures arrived Friday night.  The sod was heavily irrigated prior to installing the liner for added protection.

Mitch and Bill used sod staples to secure the fabric over the sodded areas. We will leave these covers on the sodded areas over the weekend and remove them next week.  Hopefully this "greenhouse effect" will improve the rooting of the sod and help it to survive.  As the season progresses we will be topdressing these areas regularly to smooth them out even more.

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